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Dear Friends,

In our ongoing attempts to raise funds for our beloved donkeys and mules in the rescue we are going to put together a silent auction to be posted on our Facebook page. The auction will run for thirty days.We would like to start it September 1, 2012.

We are writing to ask you to help us out. We are so very fortunate to have many talented crafts people/business people as friends and supporters. We are hoping that you will be kind enough to donate something for us to use in our auction. A gift certificate for services, a sample of your craft, anything that will help us raise some much needed funds will be very gratefully appreciated.

We would like a picture of your donated item, with a description to put on the site and a value dollar amount for us so we can send you a tax receipt for your donation. Please send the picture to: lisa@saveyourassrescue.org. You will be contacted with the name and address of the high bidder and you will be responsible for mailing the item to the winner.

Unfortunately our coffers are at a very low point. It’s the time of year we try to get hay in for the coming year and while we will be able to do it, doing so is going to leave us in a scary position should an emergency arise.

Thank you very much for your generosity. As we all know, long ears are magic.

All the humans and four-leggeds at Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

Ann Firestone's Long Ear Rescue Farm
in South Acworth ~ Click to enlarge